Four papers to be presented at ICRA 2018

January 12, 2018

Three new papers will be presented at ICRA 2018 in May:

  • T. Thayer, S. Vougioukas, K. Goldberg, S. Carpin. "Routing Algorithms for Robot Assisted Precision Irrigation." 
  • S. Liu, S. Carpin. "Grasp Quality Evaluation with Whole Arm Kinematic Noise Propagation." 
  • R. Berenstein, R. Fox, S. McKinley, S. Carpin, K. Goldberg. "Robustly Adjusting Indoor Drip Irrigation Emitters with the Toyota HSR Robot." 

Moreover, our paper "Coordinated Search With Multiple Robots Arranged in Line Formations" recenlty accepted for the IEEE Transactions on Robotics will be presented at ICRA, too.