Our new paper "Planning using hierarchical constrained Markov Decision Processes" has been accepted for publication in the Autonomous Robots journal. Click here for the accepted version...


The UC Merced swarmathon team is finalizing its preparation for the competition taking place at the end of April. Team members Manuel Meraz, Jose Manuel Gonzalez Hermosillo, Jesus Sergio Gonzalez Castellon, Navvaran Mann,  James Nho, Jesus Salcedo, and...


We obtained a new grant from the USDA as part of the National Robotics Initiatitve. The project Rapid: Robot Assisted Precision Irrigation Delivery is in collaboration with UC Berkeley and UC Davis and aims at developing co-robotic systems to support grape growers.


We received a $2,921,681 grant from the NSF for the new project ...


We received a new NSF  $182,806 grant, "MRI: Acquisition of robotic tools for studying brain, behavior and embodied cognition." This is joint work with cognitive scientists Ramesh...


After a six-year lull, the UC Merced robotics group returns to robotic contests. We have just been accepted for the 2017 NASA swarmathon physical competition (more details here). Stay tuned for developments. Current UCM undergraduate students interested...


We welcome to our group a new Ph.D. student, Thomas Thayer. Thomas joins UC Merced robotics after having obtained his BSs from UC Merced.


Effective July 1, 2016, Stefano Carpin has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor.


These two papers have been accepted for publication at IEEE CASE:

  • S. Liu, S. Carpin, Kinematic Noise Propagation and Grasp Quality Evaluation.
  • D.V. Gealy, S. McKinley, M. Guo, L. Miller, S. Vougioukas, J. Viers, S. Carpin, K. Goldberg, Co-Robotic Device for...

Both papers we submitted to ICRA 2016 have been accepted.

  • "Multi-objective Planning with Multiple High Level Task Specifications", coauthored by Shams Feyzabadi.
  • "Risk Aversion in Finite Markov Decision Processes Using Total Cost Criteria and Average Value at...