The following papers have been accepted for ICRA 2015:


Our paper "Real-Time WiFi Localization of Heterogeneous Robot Teams Using an Online Random Forest" has been accepted for publication in the Autonomous Robots journal. Click...


We received funding for the first year of a three year project with the Army Research Lab as part of the MAST CTA.


Our paper 'Distributed online patrolling with multi-agent teams  of sentinels and searchers' has been nominated for the best paper award at the DARS 2014 conference. The paper is co-authored by Tim Chung and...


Jose Susa Rincon joins the robotics lab as a PhD student in EECS. Jose comes with a BSc and MSc degree in engineering and will work on rapid multirobot deployment as part of our ongoing work within the MAST CTA.


The National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) awarded a $175K for the third year of the ...


Together with Marco Pavone, I am guest editing a special issue of the Autonomous Robots journal on "Constrained decision-making in robotics: models, algorithms,...


Together with Marco Pavone (Stanford University) we are organizing an RSS workshop on "Constrained decision-making in robotics: models, algorithms, and applications." Click here for details...


Our latest article "Anytime merging of appearance-based maps" appeared in the March 2014 issue of Autonomous Robots. The article is mostly based on Gorkem Erinc's PhD thesis.