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RAPID: Robot Assisted Precision Irrigation Delivery
RAPID: Robot Assisted Precision Irrigation Delivery
Multi-campus USDA/NIFA Project part of the National Robotics Initiative
Cooperative grasping
Funded by the NSF, a dual arm WAM Barrett robot is used to study grasping and manipulation.
drone flying around a field
Variable resolution search
Our algorithms for variable resolution search have been validated in field experiments run at Camp Roberts.
group of students taking a picture in front of the beginnings sculpture
Swarmathon Team
UC Merced undergrads participate in the 2017 NASA Swarmathon competition
students sitting on the bench in front of their robot
Research experiences for undergrads
Each summer undergraduate students intern in the robotics lab at UC Merced.

Welcome to Robotics at UC Merced.

The robotics lab at UC Merced was established in 2007 by Prof. Stefano Carpin. The group investigates topics related to multi-robot systems and robot algorithms. Examples of past and ongoing research include:

  • cooperative multi-robot systems
  • pursuit-evasion games, intruder detection, and search;
  • robot performance evaluation and benchmarking;
  • planning and decision making
  • map merging;
  • grasp planning.

Check our publications page for details. 



Robotics@UcMerced is part of the NSF funded Engineering Resaerch Center for the Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture --



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