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We gratefully acknowledge the funding support provided by the following organizations and companies.

Active Funding:

  • National Science Foundation: Elevating Farm Worker-Robot Collaborations in Agri-Food Ecosystems (CMMI 2326310) (October 2023-September 2027). 
  • USDA/NIFA: Mobile Robotic Lab for In-Situ Sampling and Measurement (November 2020-October 2024). Click here for the press release.
  • National Science Foundation: Engineering Research Center for the Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture (IoT4Ag) (EEC 1941529) (September 2020-August 2025). Click here for the press release.
  • National Science Foundation: STARTUP-SJV: STEM Teachers Alliance for Regional Tech thinking through Underrepresented Professional development in the San Joaquin Valley (CNS 2531522)(January 2021-December 2023). Click here for the press release.
  • UC MRPI: LACA - Labor and Automation in California Agriculture (January 2021-December 2024). Click here for the press release.
  • VISTA F3 Initiative:  Robotic data collection for sustainable precision agriculture,  August 2023-August 2024.

Completed Projects:

  • F3 State Initiative: Partnership to advance robotics implementations in viticulture systems, July 2022-January 2023.
  • National Science Foundation: NRT-DESE: Intelligent Adaptive Systems: Training computational and data-analytics skylls for academia and industry (DGE 1633722) (September 2016-August 2022).
  • USDA/NIFA: RAPID: Robot Assisted Precision Irrigation Delivery (December 2016-November 2021). Click here for the press release.
  • National Science Foundation: MRI: Acquisition of Robotic Tools for studying brain, behavior, and embodied cognition (BCS 1626505) (September 2016-August 2019).
  • Army Research Lab: Rapid deployment of heterogeneous robot teams: abstractions, algorithms and experimentation (October 2014-December 2017).
  • NIST: Grasping and Simulation for Next-Generation Manufacturing Robots (August 2012-August 2016).
  • CITRIS Combined Remote/Mobile Sensing Platform for Precision Agriculture in California -- joint project with David Smart at UC Davis (April 2015-April 2016).
  • Army Research Lab: Rapid Deployment Strategies  (October 2013-December 2014).
  • CITRIS: Towards Semantic Spatial Awareness:  Robust Text Spotting for Assistive Technology Applications -- joint project with Roberto Manduchi at UCSC (April 2012-December 2013).
  • DARPA: Virtual Environments for High Fidelity Testing of Robotic Behaviors (Synapse Project).
  • National Science Foundation: MRI: Acquisition of Robotic Hardware for Humanoid Research in Cognitive Science and Engineering. (BCS 0821766)
  • ONR: Hierarchical Search with Heterogeneous UAVs.
  • CITRIS: Virtual reality technologies for robotic aided first response.
  • CITRISMobile sensor networks for independent living and safety at home.
  • CITRISRobotic and Virtual Assistive Agents for Establishing the Center on Autonomous and Interactive Systems at UC Merced.
  • Microsoft ResearchIntegrating Urban Search and Rescue into Microsoft Robotics Studio Simulator.
  • General Motors Research & Development: Stochastic analysis of distributed systems.