UC Merced robotics is part of the new MRPI grant "LACA: Labor and Automation in California Agriculture". Click here for more details.


We welcome Azin Shamshiragan to robotics@ucmerced. Azin will work on the new NRI project funded by the USDA.


Prof. Stefano Carpin is the PI for a four-year $1M grant from the USDA/NIFA for the project "Collaborative Resaerch: Mobile Robotic Lab for In-Situ Sampling and Measurement." This project is funded as part of the NSF led National Robotics Initiative and is in collaboration with Kostas Karydis...


Stefano Carpin is Co-PI on a new NSF grant part of the CS4All program. Led by Prof. Angelo Kyrilov (PI) and in collaboration with Chelsea Arnold (Co-PI), the two year project aims at improving the pipeline of CS educators in the Central Valley.


Jose Luis Susa Rincon has successfully defended his PhD dissertation titled Probabilistic Constrained Decision Making for Robots Exploring, Mapping, and Navigating Indoor Environments. Congratulations to Jose!


Two papers have been accepted for publication at ICRA 2020 in Paris:

C. Diaz Alvarenga, N. Basilico, S. Carpin. "Multirobot Patrolling against Adaptive Opponents with Limited Information." Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.


The RAPID project was featured in the radio show Science Friday. More details can be found here.


Our paper "Time Constrained Exploration Using Toposemantic Models: a Reproducible Approach," has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine.