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Grasp planning and grasp quality evaluation

This page contains data and software supporting our papers in grasp planning and grasp quality evaluation.

Grasp planning

Code implementing the planner  described in our ICRA 2015 paper "Global Grasp Planning Using Triangular Meshes."  [zip archive] 

Fast grasp quality evaluation

We developed two algorithms providing an efficient implementation for two grasp quality measures, including the much used method proposed by Ferrari and Canny in 1992. Our results are described in the the ICRA 2015 paper Fast Grasp Quality Evaluation with Partial Convex Hull Computation and in the CASE 2015 paper A Fast Algorithm for Grasp Quality Evaluation Using the Object Wrench Space. Note that the implementation provided in the archive is superior to the algorithm we described in the ICRA paper because it accelerates the computation of the metric for both the force-closure and non-force closure case. This revised version is described in the paper Partial Convex Hull for Efficient Grasp Quality Evaluation appeared in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems journal available for download in our publications page.  [archive]