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Map merging code

Here you find the code implementing the various map merging algorithms we developed since 2008.

Merging 2D occupancy grid maps

Code implementing the algorithms described in the papers "Fast and accurate map merging for multi-robot systems"  appeared in Autonomous Robots, and "Merging maps via Hough transform" appeared in IROS 2008 (available for download in our publications page). Click here to download the code and the datasets. Make sure you read the terms of use.

Hough Scan Matcher 3D (HSM3D)

Code implementing the algorithm described in our ICRA 2009 paper "HSM3D: feature-less global 6DOF scan-matching in the Hough/Radon domain" (joint work with Andrea Censi@Caltech). A Matlab version of the code is available here. Click here to download version 0.1 of the library. Make sure you read the terms of use. The paper is available on our publications page. 
Update (March 2009): A new version of the software has been further developed to deal with data coming from stereocameras. Click here to download version 0.2. Keep in mind 0.2 is a scarcely documented development version, while 0.1 is more stable and fully commented.

Merging appearance-based maps

Code implementing the algorithm described in the paper "Anytime merging of appearance based maps" appeared in ICRA 2012 (available for download in our publications page). 
Click here to download the code. The code is written in C++ under Qt (4.7.0) development framework and compiled with g++ (4.4.5). This is a scarcely documented development version and may still include some bugs. Please report any identified bugs to gerinc (at) 
The following libraries are needed to be able to run the code.

  • libhdf5
  • Graphviz (2.26.3);
  • Boost C++ library (1.44);
  • Opencv (2.2);
  • Sift library by Rob Hess;

Supporting data sets:

  • Index files with 50K clusters (23MB): [tar.gz]
  • Image set 1 (used in ICRA 2012 paper), containing 7 independent runs (489MB): [tar.gz]
  • Image set 2 (new), containing 10 independent runs (892MB): [tar.gz]

Heterogeneous Map Merging

Code implementing the algorithm described in the paper "Heterogeneous Map Merging Using WiFi Signals" at IROS 2013 (available for download in our publications page).

Code and Datasets Used in the Paper (MatLab Implementation)

   README [txt] (2.3KB) - Highly recommended download, which describes the files included in the downloads below.

   Maps [zip] (94.5MB)

   Code [zip] (224KB)


Videos are encoded with MPEG-4 Part 10 and consequently require an x264 decoder.

  Partial Map Merging Video